Renting The Tassel

The Tassel is available for rent by public entities and private individuals.  Types of events that can be held at the facility include corporate trainings & meetings, conferences & workshops, weddings, product introductions, special performances, holiday celebrations, private parties and other social and business events.  It should be noted that no smoking and no alcohol are allowed within the facility nor on the grounds.

The entire facility can be rented, or only the lobby, or only the green room backstage.

Rental pricing depends on the type of event and type of rental entity, as explained in the Tassel Rental Application Packet.  Rental fees accrue to the benefit of the Holdrege Public Schools, which uses the funds for utilities, cleaning, and other basic facility expenses.

Potential renters must check with the Tassel director to make sure their chosen date is available, and must complete a rental application form indicating all space, time, special equipment and staff needed.  Once your rental is approved and your deposit payment received, the Tassel director will help guide you through the remainder of the rental process.  Please note that although it rarely happens, the Tassel director working in collaboration with the Holdrege Public Schools may find it necessary to deny an application.

To check dates and to request a copy of the Tassel Rental Application Packet, contact the Tassel director by phone, by email, in person, or by mail.  See our contact page for detailed contact information.